Innovative Designs that Inspire Creative Minds

This is what COG stands for and what our company and brand delivers.

Founded in 2003, COG Limited is an innovative design company devoted to creating unique, educational STEM toys and other products that inspire imaginative minds. Located in Hong Kong, China, our team of professionals strives to infuse all COG products with a sense of innovation and imagination that our company represents.

Over the decades, COG Limited has successfully created a broad range of unique products which have become bestsellers worldwide. All our toys and products are educational and entertaining, and the raw materials we use are safe and environmentally friendly.

One of our more well-known brands is EIN-O SCIENCE, which promotes enlightening yet fun learning and strives to create visually engaging and intelligent learning materials. It offers a wide range of fun and engaging science activity kits for kids ages 6 and beyond. The success of the brand has encouraged further expansion of our products along with new, creative directions. The increased popularity of the STEM toys in recent years is further evidence that scientific knowledge is a crucial and relevant learning topic for children.

We believe science can be incredibly fun for children, even outside classroom. So we’ve developed interactive, engaging science toys that promote education and fun at the same time We encourage a “hands-on” approach that promotes dynamic learning and covers a wide range of useful, practical science themes. These themes include air, water, magnets, chemistry, geology, outer space, and more. All the activities actively engage children, whether through assembling electronic components, mixing chemicals, or piecing human organ models together. In this way, we present children not only with entertaining toys, but with learning tools that stimulate their fascination and curiosity. Every science kit comes with all the necessary tools and supplies for to conduct the experiments, as well as clear, easy-to-understand instructions. Children can learn about a wide range of educational principles through our science kits.

Our mission is to provide children with all these learning tools and to encourage them to explore the world of scientific knowledge. We will continue designing more unique tools and expanding our product line in the future.

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